Roswell Georgia City Park Erosion Protection

Roswell Georgia Big Creek Park Erosion Remediation

Erosion and Stormwater Channel Project
Roswell Georgia, March 2011


The City of Roswell constructed mountain Bike Park with trails, streams and walking paths. During large rainfall events water from an adjacent creek would overflow cascading over the sidewalks eroding the slope and undermining the concrete. Envirolok was installed to prevent further erosion, rebuild the slope and provide a stormwater channel for overflow events. 


Project Background

Big Creek Park is a beautiful and well used mountain bike park owned by the City of Roswell. The city recognizes the competitive advantages of “going green” and was looking for a sustainable fix for this problem. Envirolok provided a green solution for an unsafe pedestrian path.


Revegetating the slope to rebuild the eroded areas and control continual erosion, Envirolok was utilized to face the highly eroded slope, build back eroded soils and protect the sidewalk from collapsing. Envirolok also restored the biological function of the slope, enhancing the diversity of plants and providing new habitat for riparian and upland species. Sunmark Environmental provided the Certified Installers to work with local contractors and was able to complete this job in 3 working days.

Permits Engineering

Provided by Premier Environmental of Marietta GA. Pantheon Group, prime contractor with Southern Specialty Services providing construction leadership.

Sunmark Environmental coordinated the environmentally-sensitive solution by working with all the stakeholders, engineers and general contractors.


Environmental Review

City’s Reaction, “This is a great fix, we will be showing this method off as a new direction for our eroded areas”.





Project Fact Sheet

Contractor Installer:

Pantheon Group Inc
1880 West Oak Parkway
Building 100, Suite 106
Marietta, GA 30062


Southern Specialty Services, Inc.
8424 Wallace Tatum Road
Cumming, GA 30028

Certified Installer:

Sunmark Environmental Services, LLC
12775 NE Marx St.
Portland OR 97230

Engineering Provided By:

Premier Environmental Services, Inc.
1880 West Oak Parkway
Building 100, Suite 106
Marietta, GA 30062


City of Roswell Georgia
Recreation and Parks Department
38 Hill St. Suite 100
Roswell, GA 30075