Gerber Streambank Restoration

Gerber Legendary Blades

Streambank Stabilization Project
Portland, Oregon; Spring 2007

Gerber Streambank Restoration

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Major storms in the Pacific Northwest in 2006 caused flashy stream flow which eroded the banks of the stream undermining the parking lot foundation, parking lot asphalt surface and even put the 40’ corporate sign in jeopardy.

Project background
Gerber Legendary Blades, now a division of Fiskar’s, was built in the late 1970’snear Portland, Oregon. The parking lot was built an adequate distance from thestream running through the property, and paved with asphalt. Continued development of impervious surfaces up-stream and expansion of Interstate 5 caused erosive conditions to worsen over the last decade. Then in 2006, the result of major storms and very serious rain events, ferocious stream flows were undermining the structure of the parking lot located next to the stream. Gerber attempted to repair the damage using several different methods, including soil lifts wrapped in geotextile. Back fill was found 10’ down from previous efforts to protect the site. All efforts to repair the site failed and Gerber, a manufacturer of jack-knives for outdoorsman, needed an environmentally-correct long term solution.

Installation of Envirolok Vegetated Retaining Wall System, distributed and installed by Sunmark Environmental Services. Sunmark Environmental Services has a long history of working with native vegetation for erosion control, and is a Certified Installer of the Envirolok Vegetated Retaining Wall System

Permits Engineering
Provided by PBS Environmental and KBH Consulting. PBS coordinated the environmentally-sensitive solution by fast-tracking emergency erosion control permits from Oregon Dept. of State Lands, US Army Corps of Engineers and Clean Water Services.

Environmental Review
Gerber Facility Manager’s reaction to the installed solution: “I can see why this will be a permanent solution compared to what was tried in the past. I love it!”  Agency reaction: State of Oregon’s Clean Water Services has since reduced Gerber inspection period from once a quarter to once a year and sampling from once a year to once every five years. Oregon Department of Transportation has also recognized a serious erosion problem on the Interstate 5 streambank side of the property and has retained PBS Environmental to expedite installation of the Envirolok Vegetated Retaining Wall System on the I-5 streambank side.


Project Fact Sheet


Gerber Legendary Blades

14200 SW 72nd Avenue

Portland, Oregon


Contractor Installer:

Sunmark Environmental Services, LLC

12775 NE Marx St.

Portland OR 97230


Regulatory/Permitting Agencies:

State of Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

State of Oregon Department of Transportation

Clean Water Services

U. S. Army Corps of Engineers

Oregon Dept of State Lands


Engineering Provided By:

PBS Engineering & Environmental

1310 Main Street

Vancouver, Washington 98660


KBH Consulting, Inc.

161 Dunbar Way

Suite 110

Mahtomedi, Minnesota 55115