Eco Live

Organic Natural Growth Enhancer


Go Green, Save Water, Improve Ecosystems!



  • All natural and environmentally safe
  • Improved root mass, and growth rates
  • Neutral pH
  • Increased germination rates, quick establishment
  • Provides necessary balance for soil organisms
  • Reduces watering needs
  • Increases the retention of plant-available water
  • Remains stable in soil
  • Increases soil cation exchange capacity
  • Increases nitrogen retention and uptake
  • 100% natural, ecologically safe

EcoLive™ Organic Natural Growth Enhancer with Mycorrhizal is a natural highly concentrated organic material with the addition of mycorrhizal fungi. This unique combination provides a critical linkage between the plant, root, and soil.  Blended into a seed mixture, EcoLive™ will increase germination, improve soil micronutrients, and produce a more sustainable and healthy ecosystem.

Mycorrhizal fungi are an association, or symbiotic relationship, between plants and fungi that colonize the plant roots during periods of active growth. The benefit of this association is characterized by either increased growth and yield, or ecologically, by improved plant fitness (i.e., reproductive ability, drought tolerance, plant health).  In infertile soils, nutrients taken up by Mycorrhizal fungi can lead to improved plant growth and reproduction. As a result, Mycorrhizal plants are often more competitive and better able to tolerate environmental stresses than are nonmycorrhizal plants.

Ecolive’s™ high CEC, nutrient retention, hydraulic conductivity, and its increased water holding capacity, creates a natural sustainable ecosystem, with out the use of chemical fertilizers. For a Natural Plant Growth Enhancer there is no better choice than EcoLive™ Organics.