Eco Biotics

Enhance Soils, Improve Ecosystems, Remediate Pollution!


  • Key to Bioremediation
  • Superior Biostimulation
  • Reduce Levels of Contamination
  • Provides Food for Other Micro-organisms
  • Establishes a Better Soil Environment for Growth of Plants.
  • Helps to Degrade Plant Biomass
  • All Natural and Environmentally Safe
  • Improved Growth Rates
  • Neutral pH
  • Provides Necessary Balance of Soil Organisms
  • Reduces Watering Needs
  • Remains Stable in Soil
  • Increases nitrogen retention and uptake
  • 100% natural, ecologically safe and biodegradable

EcoBiotics™ is premium natural organics with micro-organisms that helps to quickly restore bio-activity and ecological balance to lifeless soils.  EcoBiotics™ is also used to transform harmful substances into non-toxic carbon dioxide, water, fatty acids while providing an organic food source for plants.  Nature, over time, can eliminate both natural and most man made pollution. This happens as naturally occurring micro-organisms, enzymes, chemicals and weather combine to eliminate pollutants. Advances in technology and sustainability have made it possible to greatly accelerate these natural processes by selecting, concentrating and acclimating micro-organisms to attack and eliminate many hydrocarbon based toxic materials in a matter of weeks rather than decades. The use of EcoBiotics™ to consume and eliminate dangerous or unwanted hydrocarbon based contaminants like petroleum products is called bioremediation. Bioremediation can be defined as any process that uses micro-organisms, fungi, green plants or their enzymes to return the natural environment altered by contaminants to its original condition. Bioremediation can achieve the elimination of contamination in many environments with a speed and thoroughness much greater than traditional methods and at significantly lower costs. EcoBiotics™, like all living creatures, require nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphate, carbon, water and an environment to grow and survive. It will break down organic contaminants as a source of carbon for energy and growth. In the process the micro-organisms ultimately die, leaving nothing but harmless organic residues which are a primary food source for plants. Proper soil-ecology is integral to efficient nutrient uptake and numerous other vital biological plant functions, leading to improved plant fitness, reproductive ability, and drought tolerance. EcoBiotics™ are completely biodegradable.


Make air breathable.

Without microbes, we wouldn’t have oxygen to breathe. This is because many microbes are photosynthetic—like plants, they harvest their energy from the sun, releasing oxygen into the air. Billions of years ago, photosynthetic microbes gradually added oxygen to Earth’s atmosphere, making it possible for larger forms of life—including humans—to live.


Keep our environment clean.

Because of their special adaptations, some microbes can help clean up gasoline leaks, oil spills, sewage, nuclear waste, and many other types of pollution.


Support and protect crops.

Microbes living in soil help protect plants from pests and diseases. They also are essential for converting nitrogen and other nutrients into forms that plants can use to grow.